Discover Atlanta Car Accident Jurisdiction


Places like Atlanta, Georgia and the surroundings have unfortunately very high records of automobile accidents. Hence most of the injuries also result from minority to severities. Statistics say that the damages align in the danger categories. Recent reports made by Government Officials of Highway Safety puts forward that in 2015 there were 1,430 traffic fatalities, 385,221 crashes and 19,405 injuries happened in the state of Georgia. Such an issue should be more minutely taken care of in order to avoid public health damages. Car accidents should be raised as a punishable offence in the state of Georgia and it’s elsewhere to avoid more fatal destructions.

Auto Accident Lawyer


Georgia law stands like if you have been injured by an auto for its intentional or in attentive driving then you are eligible to recover compensation for your damages. Mostly car accident lawsuits are deceiving at the first attempt. Initially if a case appears like a basic injury lawsuit against a careless driver suspect can suddenly change into an accusation against multiple defendants involving corporate defendants.

Car accidents vary and the irresponsibility leading to such accidents differ from case to case. The example goes like you may be involved in an auto accident lawsuit where the roadway was in a poor state which lead the driver and passengers to an troublesome injury where as you may be involved in a car accident lawsuit where the roadway was well designated but the driver was intoxicated over the permissible level and back ended you at a red light. The circumstances differ from every scene.

Negligence Acts Leading To Car Accidents 

Negligence in cases of car accidents is diverse. Some ‘defendant’ categories among them lie between drivers and owners. The forgetfulness of the drivers includes:

  • No control speed
  • Poor driving knowledge
  • Rash driving
  • Competitive driving
  • Unwell and fatigue
  • Obstruction driving
  • Weak sight
  • Unlicensed driving
  • Intoxication

Underinsured/ Uninsured Motorists in Atlanta

In Atlanta, acts are liable if proper driver employees are compromised with negligence. Property owners, often public property such as the City or State Governments are responsible to maintain the roadways laws from a safe distance mainly for pedestrians.

If the court finds the suspected driver is 49% at-fault and on the other hand you at 51% at-fault then the modified comparative fault rule will kick in and act as an important bar to recovery. As a Georgia prosecutor, if you are equally or probably more at-fault for your injuries, you cannot get any compensation whatsoever.

There will be cases when the defendant driver may lack proper documents of the car insurance altogether or they may be under the policy but do not possess enough insurance coverage for the damages. Motorists Company often does this because people drop in the amounts of their monthly premiums. Unfortunately, it is the litigants who suffer for this cause.

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