Can conveyancing be completed online?


If you are thinking about selling a property, you may have wondered if the conveyancing could be completed online.


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Digital Age

High Street businesses, such as banks, building societies and estate agents, are increasingly moving toward digital online services for the convenience of their clients. Similarly, conveyancing solicitors near me are also offering their services online. This enables the conveyancing process to be more streamlined. Conveyancing firms are able to negotiate with other professional online services, which also saves time.


Is it possible to complete conveyancing online? The legal transfer of ownership of a property to another party is usually put into the hands of a solicitor. This can be arranged through conveyancing solicitors near me. However, arranging conveyancing through online firms is becoming a popular alternative. One of the reasons for this is the convenience that it offers.


Because there is no need for a solicitor to visit the property they are managing, it makes perfect sense to offer their services online. If clients are already comfortable conducting their business affairs online, by email, telephone or through an app, there is no reason why appointing an online conveyancing firm would not work for them. Online conveyancing is convenient and time-saving, and through the online service, clients can be in regular contact with their conveyancing firm at the time that suits them.


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Industry-Specific App

Apps are frequently being offered to clients to use on their phone or tablet. The advantage of an app is that a client can follow the progress of their conveyancing in real time. They can manage documents, upload proof of ID or contact the team with any queries. There’s no need to schedule appointments with high street conveyancing solicitors near me during a busy week. However, clients do still have the option to receive updates via e-mail, text messaging, telephone or post.

Financial benefits

Without the overheads of a physical office, online conveyancing firms can pass these savings onto clients, which makes perfect financial sense. Using an online conveyancing firm is a sensible way to not only to keep within your timeframe but your budget, too.

Conveyancing can be completed online thanks to the nature of this industry, and this is demonstrated by the number of firms who are successfully working online and the clients who are benefiting from a convenient service.