Healthy Feng Shui Consultation- Energy Healing And The Body Link


Sometimes they just feel a little Stuck, often they understand on some level they want changes and are not quite sure what to do. I’m rather often called to new houses to bless them, clear them of predecessor energy and get the new occupants off to the best possible start in their new environment. Other times, still, it is merely a deep curiosity of hearing and reading about Feng Shui that gives them an interest in taking a look at their distance through what we like to call Feng Shui Eyes. Most recently I have noticed another Pattern; I’m often called these days due to health problems and conventional medications and physician recommendations have not helped or happen to be so invasive they have chosen another perspective because of their healings and are looking into alternative medicine.Feng Shui Consultation

While I’m not an Energy Healer, I do work with some as my background includes working for a long time period in Wholistic Health. It was during this time that I really started to see the connection of our character, our very energy in relation to the healings I witnessed quite frequently. During my research then and my Continuing research of the Energy we are bombarded with, I am convinced we call into our own life lots of the dis-eases within our own bodies; we really create them for one reason or another. For a number people, our daily lives become overpowering, yet we feel too stuck or afraid to make some dramatic changes. Some folks experience bouts of depression and locate the medications unhelpful or just don’t want to take them because of their potential side effects. While I never recommend not after doctors’ orders, I could often give them a different perspective and perspective into why they have gotten sick and urge some folks that I myself have worked together and have helped me when I had been quite ill myself.

With more and more studies being Done and the terrific work of Dr. Wayne Dyer and many others like him, we are becoming more receptive to less invasive and powerful remedies that years ago weren’t even considered. The places to go now for Energy Healing are composed of Intent and our very own Empowerment. If you believe as I do that energy surrounds us and we are influenced by it, positively or negatively, then it might make perfect sense it will have a profound impact on the health. Our own environment can comfort, encourage and encourage transformations based on feng shui consultation Basics and the brain is the most effective instrument in the Universe for recovery.