Data Profiling – Cross Database Validation Ideas


With an assortment of brisk and straightforward checks, Data Profiling furnishes you with a vastly improved comprehension of your data. You can rapidly discover issues prior to drawing in on any data project; issues which will set you back considerably more to place right later in the task life-cycle.

In this article we will zero in on maybe one of the more advances parts of Data Profiling; cross-database checks and approval. Tragically, numerous apparatuses do not uphold cross-database investigation and you will frequently have to load every one of the pertinent sources in to similar database or store to perform such checks.

Yet, even given this additional progression, cross-database approval is an advantageous exercise, and will recompense abundantly on any data activity:

  • Data combination undertakings will by their very nature require the investigation and correlation of numerous data sources.

  • On any data relocation project you will need to approve both the source and loaded datasets.

  • Even with a solitary database project you will track down that that is typically different legitimate data sources thronw across the business (frequently looking like Excel accounting pages and individual datasets) which should be cross-checked with the objective database.

  • To adapt to this you will need to play out various cross-database checks. Essentially you’ll be data profiling a few sources and looking at their subsequent profiles load balancing software. In particular, you ought to consider:

  • Comparison of codes utilized in the different frameworks. If not indistinguishable, is there a proper planning between the codes?

  • If there are numerous codes, maybe Social Security Numbers, at that point analyze their examples/designs.

  • If elements are normal in more than one framework, at that point you can check keys in the two frameworks to check for copy or missing passages. Also, obviously, in case you’re anticipating that the data in the systems should be novel, you should in any case check for, and research, any copies.

Cross-database approval is not insignificant, however it is not so much that hard by the same token. The checks are straightforward and impart and any issues discovered are by and large critical. It is along these lines something which you ought to consistently embrace as a component of any Data Profiling exercise.