Changing Your Business Name? Ways to Let Current Clients


On the off chance that your business is extending and you have begun to bring to the table extra administrations, some business proprietor’s feel their present company name would not be adequate to impart what they do. This makes them need to change the company name so it better mirrors the new administrations as well and not simply the first contributions.

I, at the end of the day, have done this multiple times in my vocation, carrying me to the current brand name. Moving your marking may get important eventually in your business’ turn of events. The key is not to befuddle your present customers with this change since you would prefer not to lose or distance them.

You can totally change the name or alter it relying upon the heading your company takes. Whichever way you go, I need to share three stages that will help you make your name change easily.

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  1. The Simple Solution

Pick another URL and direct all traffic from this new web address to your old site. Or on the other hand on the off chance that they type in the old name it can divert to the new site. This is a typical practice and it is your decision business name suggestions. To assist guests with understanding what has occurred, you position your new name at the top and afterward under you can state once in the past with the old name. Thusly, your present customers can see both the old and new names so they do not feel like they committed an error winding up at some unacceptable site.

  1. Video Explanation

In the event that you have added benefits or altered your contributions, a video can be valuable for portraying the changes. Say something like, We used to offer this, and now we’re doing this in light of the fact that the interest has been there. So do not be frightened in case you’re searching for our old name. we’re as yet similar individuals, simply improving things. That positive turn and clarification will assist with guaranteeing customers that all is well and shockingly better than what they know from previously.

  1. Ezine Announcement

You can give everybody on your list a sea of what is to come to assist individuals with becoming acclimated to the idea of your new company name. This keeps your present customers and contacts educated about the progressions your company is experiencing.

  1. Snail Mail Announcement

Moreover, you may have certain significant customers that you’ll need to educate in a more close to home way. Composing a letter or sending a card can help guarantee that these VIPs know early about the progressions and that they would not be adversely affected by them. This not exclusively can assist with maintaining a strategic distance from disarray later, yet additionally tells your VIPs the amount you esteem them by being the first to know.