Business Astrology Myths And How it Works


In ancient India astrology was so superlatively dominant that nobody Could think of not consulting an astrologer or taking the help of an occult practitioner, ojha or a priest prior to taking any action in any respect. Even today, in times of technologies and development of the physical sciences, Indians would not dream of not behaving in accordance with the recommendation of an astrology practitioner. This inherent fear has created a vast opportunity for the company of astrology. Modern communication technology has bridged the gap between the adviser and the seeker and simply helped the work of astrology thrive longer. The fear of the unknown gives an impetus to the work of astrology and foretelling the future, for everybody attempts to know their own future.

Astrology in Business

Astrology is the mother of all sciences. It offers an insight to what is and will be based on the motion of the planets and stars, which have an enormous effect on our everyday lives, both emotionally and astronomically. The influence of the world wide web nowadays influences business astrology. This Influence of the internet is readily discerned in the transformation of astrological tools, from the conventional pinching to software programs. The trend has led to analysing software apps of interest to the Panchang and astrological calculations. And it is given a boost to the modern day astrological company, thereby helping many. Gone are the days when one had to consult an astrologer to have one’s Horoscope read and made. Technology now enables easy reading of one’s own horoscope online. Computerised Kundali studying has played a pivotal role in the commercialisation of the system, resulting in the mushrooming of a plethora of astro companies in virtually every city in the nation.

Astrology has always been a strange subject, but its prevalence is undeniable. Human beings are curious critters, ever keen to glimpse into the future. The urge to know the future has driven us into a black hole. We always jump at a chance to know more about the future of our organization, jobs, career, money, health and so forth. The spread of astrology is mostly owing to the youth, that are Curious of the future and aim to control it. The youth believe that remaining updated of the future will help them prepare for it in a more organized way. Another reason for its phenomenal growth and popularity is the host of entrepreneurs who have taken up astrology as a company in the past. These entrepreneurs are further providing advice in the kind of contemporary, practical and revolutionary solutions. Undoubtedly, the popularity of astrology as a company was spurred by the fear of what lies ahead.