Benefits and drawbacks of Common stone Counters


Natural stone counters are an extremely preferred style feature in kitchen countertops today. Undoubtedly the popularity reaches the very least partly attributable to visual, but natural stone counters are also really durable plus they hold up well to temperature. Nevertheless, there is a selection of supplies utilized for stone counters, each and every with distinct pros can disadvantages. So, before deciding which kind of counter top works best for you, take a moment to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, and quartz.


One of the more preferred alternatives for home owners, granite is a form of igneous natural stone that offers a classy, glassy look. Because granite is quite challenging, it can be wonderful in the kitchen because it is mark and heat proof. As well as, granite is additionally established more than a huge selection of several years, so it’s virtually out of the question to have two identical items. Because of this each and every granite kitchen counter is exclusive without a doubt, granite occurs naturally in an array of shades and habits, so you’re guaranteed to find a thing that satisfies your individual style.

Unfortunately, there are a few cons related to granite. Most notably, granite is actually a permeable natural stone so it ought to be closed chemically or it will be venerable to spots. Even if this process is just not difficult, it needs to be preserved with time. Moreover, granite is pretty high-priced, so house owners with limited funds may want to consider many other materials or even granite ceramic tile.


Marble can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and will also substantially increase the value of your own home. Devoted bakers appreciate marble since it is a very nice gemstone that is fantastic for generating pastries, crusts, and a lot of other baked food products. Like granite, marble comes in several natural shades.

However, marble is a smoother stone than granite making it prone to mark or scratch. Even acid drinks can damage the countertop of marble, especially if your counters possess a shiny finish. Moreover, due to the porous, absorbent nature, marble is prone to spot.


Soapstone is a superb choice for kitchens since it resists stains as well as heat effectively. Unlike granite or marble, soapstone is not as likely to etch. However, when it comes to coloring, your alternatives with soapstone are limited to a few dim shades. Most soapstone is of course grayish, but can be oiled to your black colored finish off. Finally, soapstone is additionally prone to marring, but as it could be sanded, nicks and scratches can be taken off.